Spartan Precision Equipment Standard Javelin Bipod Review

By Jordan Kauer

I’m always looking for ways to shed some weight off my back while hunting. One thing that’s always seemed to be a necessary evil is my bipods. For long range shots it’s hard to get more stable than going prone with a good bipod on your rifle. After hearing about the Javelin Bipod it was high on the list of gear I wanted to try.

The Javelin comes in a nice plastic case with everything you need to mount it to your rifle. It doesn’t mount to your sling swivel like a lot of bipods instead you replace that with their adapter (don’t worry has a spot so you can still use a sling) comes with screws to match all the different thread patterns. Also comes with rubber inserts and you pick the one that best matches the contour of your stock. For the guys that have rails mounted on your stock they also make a rail adapter.

The bipod mounts to the rifle with magnets, I wasn’t sure about this at first but the magnets are a quite strong and it holds the bipod in place very well. The leg height adjusts with a twist lock system like seen on a lot of tripods. You have two options when putting it in the adapter with the cant lever away from you it will allow the bipod to pan left and right. It is very fluid when using it like that, if you turn the bipod towards you it gets rid of the pan feature. The lever on the cant feature is very easy to use and locks the gun down solid once you get it level.


Coming in at 5.22 oz it is 8.5 oz lighter than the bipod I’ve been using the last several years. When shooting long range lightweight usually makes things a little harder to get lined up. I shot with this on my guns several times from ranges from 100-1000 yards and never felt the lightweight was hindering my accuracy. One of the features I really liked was the option of taking off the rubber feet to expose the tungsten carbide feet, those allowed you to really dig the bipod in and preload it. I don’t have them but they also make sitting height legs that only weigh 3.8 oz, be well worth packing in case you were in a spot that didn’t allow for shooting prone.

One of the big advantages of the bipod is how quick it will come on and off the rifle, if you have to make a quick off hand shot you don’t have the extra weight hanging on the front of the rifle. If you’re looking for a lightweight portable shooting platform for the backcountry it will be hard to beat the Javelin

Jordan's 2017 backcountry mule deer buck with Javelin Bipod

Jordan's 2017 backcountry mule deer buck with Javelin Bipod

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