Kifaru International Sawtooth Shelter

Last fall, I spent 10 days hunting with Dale in the backcountry of Idaho.  During those nights we camped in the Kifaru Sawtooth.  I was really impressed with the tent and how much room it offered for the weight.  At the end of the hunt Dale offered to sell me his Sawtooth and I couldn't say no!

Since then I've used the Sawtooth on summer scouting trips as well as winter hunts. The versatility of the Sawtooth is amazing. Weighing in at 4lb 8oz it seems a little heavy for a backpacking tent but when you consider it's 13.5' long and 8.5' wide with a 6.5' tall center pole, you get a lot of shelter for the weight. Split the weight between two guys and you have an awesome 2 man shelter.

With 2 guys plus gear you have more then enough space to move around and do simple tasks that cant be done in a normal backpacking tent. During harsh weather there's plenty of room to sit and cook dinner out of the elements. When the temp really drops you can throw in a Kifaru 18" Smith stove and stay warm on the coldest of nights.  The stove only weighs 1lb 12oz, and after you use one you will never camp without one.

While my favorite style of hunting is backpack hunting, I also hunt from my truck/utv.  The Sawtooth is quick and easy to set up and way better then trying to sleep in the backseat of my truck. When I'm camping next to a road I throw a Mr Buddy Heater in there and a cot for extra comfort.

Whether using the stove or Mr Buddy Heater the Sawtooth holds the heat very well.  The wood stove will dry out clothes and keep the condensation out but only last about 45min so make sure you have a good stock pile of wood to keep feeding it. The Mr Buddy heater will cook you out of shelter and is a lot more convenient, especially for quick heat in the mornings.

The design is meant to minimize snow build up and to keep the wind from destroying it, there were a few times I thought for sure the wind was going to rip it but it held strong.  

If your looking for a versatile shelter the Kifaru Sawtooth is tough to beat!  It's easy to see why a lot of people call the Kifaru Sawtooth the "Backcountry Palace"

  • SPECS:
  • Recommended stoves: Small or Medium
  • Stand-up room for 2 people & gear
  • 4 lbs., 8 oz. includes pole, pegs, Seam Sealer and 3 bags
  • Footprint: 13' 9" x 8' 6"
  • 15 Peg Loops
  • Clothes line along center ridge
  • Orange reflective cordage included for guy line loops
  • Sawtooth Liner: 1lb 2.5oz
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