Ross Sevy 8 Day Bivy Hunt List


Backpack:  Exo Mountain Gear 3500 - 76oz

Tent:  Easton Rimrock 1P - 50oz

Sleeping Bag:  NorthFace - 52oz

Sleeping Pad:  Klymit Inertia XL - 16.8oz

Glassing/Sitting/Extra Sleeping Pad:  Therm-a-rest Z Lite Short - 10oz

Jetboil Flash Stove - 14oz

2 - Jetboil Jetpower 100g Fuel - 14oz

Spotting Scope:  Vortex Razor HD 16-48x Straight - 48.4oz

Water Filter:  Sawyer Squeeze Mini - 2oz

Hydration Bladder:  Easton 3 Liter - 112oz (Full)

TOAKS Titanium 450ml Cup - 2.7oz (Can cook in over fire if Jetboil dies)

Canon HFS200 Video Camera with 4 Batteries - 30oz

Canon T3I DSLR Camera - 29oz

Solvid Camera Strap - 6oz

Tripod with Head:  48oz

Vortex Razor HD Digital Camera Adapter - 4oz

Game Bags - 9oz

Knife - Havalon Piranta EDGE with 4 Blades - 2.5oz

Total:  526.4oz  (32.9 lbs.)

Gear On Me:

Vortex Razor 10x42 Binoculars - 30oz

FHF Gear Bino Harness - 11oz

Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder - 7.7oz

Crispi Nevada Boots - 62oz

Clothing On Me Hiking In:

Core4element Switchback Shorts (Cut Off Pants) - 9oz

Core4element Merino Short Sleeve (Modified Longsleeve) - 5oz

Lorpen Merino Socks - 3oz

Switchback Outdoors Ballcap - 3oz

Total On Me:  130.7oz (8.16 lbs)

Clothing In Pack:

Core4element Elevation Jacket - 17oz

Core4element Torrent Jacket - 16.5oz

Core4element Switchback Pant - 16oz

Core4element Merino Bottom (to sleep in) - 7oz

Core4element Merino 1/4 Zip - 9oz

Core4element Merino Beanie - 1oz

Core4element Element Gloves - 3oz

3 - Lorpen Merino Socks - 9oz

Total:  78.5 oz  (4.9 lbs)

Food:  (8 days worth of food)

Breakfast- Belvita Breakfast Bisquits (1 per day) - 15.5oz

Lunch - 1 of the following (Ramen Noodle Soup/Lipton Soup Mix/Easy Mac) - 30oz

Dinner- Mountain House Meal (1 per day) - 64oz


2 - Assorted Bars per day (Cliff Bar, Powerbar, Fiber One, etc.) - 30oz

Assorted Candy (Starburst, Riesen, Jolly Rancher, etc.)  2 - Cracker Jack'd PB & Chocolate,  1 pack Trident Tropical Twist Gum, Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich, Small Ziploc of Sunflower Seeds, Fun Size Snickers, Gu Gels, Cliff Shot Bloks  - 49oz

Total:  188.5oz (11.7lbs)


Chapstick - .5oz

Eye Drops - .5oz

Toothbrush - .5oz

Toothpast - .5oz

Small Unscented Deodorant - 1oz

Toilet Paper - 1oz

Unscented Wet Wipes - 1.5oz

Intovate Charger Pack - 3.5oz

Headlamp - 3oz

Wind Checker - .5oz

Paracord 50ft - 1oz

1 Trash Bag - 1oz

Lightweight Camp Shoe - 12oz

Custom First Aid/Survival Kit - 2oz

Super Glue - .5oz

Bic Lighter - .5oz

Season Salt (for fresh backstraps) - 1oz

Total:  30.5oz (1.9lbs)

Total Weight in Backpack:  823.9oz (51.49lbs)

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